About Us

Yavuz Aksoy Law Office, Av. Yavuz Aksoy was founded in 2006 to provide services in many fields such as Real Estate Law, Zoning Law, Labor Law, Corporate Law, Sports Law, Inheritance Law, Exchange Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Consumer Law.

To clients under the roof; In order to provide effective and professional solutions with a team of lawyers specialized in their fields and with their work team, we form the basis of our service concept.

By continually analyzing the rapidly changing and renewed legislation throughout the world and in our country, it is our main principle to provide the most current and efficient solutions to the clients and to ensure that our clients progress to the future with confident steps by providing the maximum speed solution of the legal problems from the past.

Yavuz Aksoy Law Office; It operates in Zincirlikuyu. It is close to courthouses, public institutions and commercial company centers. Besides our offices, we work together to meet the needs of clients in the city of Istanbul in Turkey shows many other legal activities.

There are solution partners in which clients can cooperate to meet all their needs and provide effective legal solutions. In this respect, our office has a very dynamic working order.

Our Working Zones

Real Estate Law: sales contracts, construction contracts for flats, construction, prevention of property, prevention, registration and cancellation, partnership, condominium, rent law and eviction cases.

Execution and Bankruptcy Law: Ilamsiz, ilamlı, pledge, mortgage and foreign exchange based on enforcement proceedings, foreclosures, preservation and sales transactions with the objection, objection, cancellation, termination of tender, prepayment, retention, invasion, negative detection and cancellation of savings cases.

Zoning Law: Zoning peace applications and follow-up of the process, urban regeneration projects, modification and cancellation of zoning plans and follow-up process.

Tax Law: The appropriate accrual and unpaid taxes for the return, correction and abandonment procedures.

Administrative Law: Follow-up of the lawsuits and processes related to the cancellation of the unlawful transactions carried out by the administration and the compensation of the damages suffered by the cancellation of these transactions.

Labor Law: Legal consultancy of companies, individual or collective labor agreements, labor receivables, labor laws and mediation processes.

Law of Inheritance: Tereke, extraction from inheritance, cancellation of wills, issuance of testament, rejection of inheritance, representation of a representative.

Foreign Citizenship and Citizenship Law: Turkish citizenship, residence, work permit and blue card applications, finalization of the process, follow up of the legal process related to the abolition of the ban on overseas exit.

Company Law: Lawsuits stemming from establishment, division, merger, transfer, partnership agreements, commercial purchase and sale and credit agreements.

Consumer Law: Subscription contracts, consumer loans, mortgage loans, package tours, defective goods and services, court proceedings from the decisions of the arbitral tribunal.

Foreign Exchange Law: all kinds of lawsuits arising from negotiable instruments such as bills, checks and bills, and other negative remedies, objections, casualties, as well as execution proceedings and claims.